Bespoke Design With Samantha Todhunter

An in-house video of a bespoke design story with a designer Samantha Todhunter,
in the Holand Park showroom at The Rug Company. 

Bespoke Design With Samantha Todhunter from The Rug Company on Vimeo

This video has been created in-house at The Rug Compnay.



  Candice Lake

  Pandora Sykes

  Luke Edward Hall
  Mary Katrantzou 
  Christopher Kane
  Samantha Todhunter
  Jamie Gili
  Sebastian Herkner
  Christmas Wrapping
  Natural Dyes  

   People Watching
   35 mm
   120 mm
   People Watching
   Distorted Beauty 
   2 Visions / 1 Film
   Through Viewfinder
   Odessa 5C 
   Double Exposure

   Conductive Scalextrics
   The Rhone Touch