The Rug Company 


Floral campaign content created for a collecton Launch. All the content has been created in-house at The Rug Company. My role in this project included filming and editing all the content, under the guidence of an art director. The visuals have been created using a 1000fps slow motion camera, as well as timelapses set ove a number of days. These have been used acrosss social chanels, digital screen installation during an event, and the website homage.

Instagram optimised content

Website homepage video 

by Luke Edward Hall 

This content has been created in-house at The Rug Company and used across social media.


A festive wrapping gude, as a part of a christmass 2018 campaign. 

Deck The Halls
The Rug Company, 2019

A stop motion animation created for the 2019 holiday campaign.

Bespoke Design With :

Samantha Todhunnter

A despoke rug design story, created by The Rug Company in collaboration with Samantha Todhunter.

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